Cassandra is the Mother of Ambosius Rioseco and Camilla Rioseco and the Wife of Alexander Rioseco†. She got pregnant from Alexander when he was 8 and presumably married him. This shows her Pedo/Hebephillic tendencies which she often openly expresses to the point where it has become a running gag. She tried to make sexual advances on Valentin Montoya and even seems to be sexually attracted to her own son.

The Relationship with her two children is vague but presumably not abusive. In her very first appearence she seems to be taunting Ambosius but this could have also been of a jokingly, playfull nature. Despite her perverted nature she seems to activly care about her son (as seen in page 54) even if by the end of it the page she has taken nude picturess of him.

Cassandra seems to work for the military like her son, although on a much lower rank. In chapter 3 (which is mostly a prequel to chapter 1) she seems to (Judging from her appearence) have the rank of a recuit or common soldier while in chapter 1 she appears to posses a much higher rank (most likely some form of officer)

Trivia Edit

~Cassandra commits various crimes in the comics ranging from the possesion of child pornography over incest to mutilation and assault

~Cassandra seems to be a self insert character of the comic-author as we can deduct from her sexual prefrences and name